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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pancetta and Guanciale in the cellar

On Thursday the 27th I took the jowl out of the cure and rinsed it thoroughly with cool water and dried it with paper towels.

Guanciale 1

I then made a hole in the corner of the jowl about an inch from the edge. I took a flat skewer and ran it through and then twisted it to form a nice hole. Then took a chopstick and pushed the twine through the hole.

Guanciale 3

The nascent guanciale was then taken to the cellar where it can dry and cure for 2 weeks.

Guanciale 5

On Sunday January 30th I gave the pancetta a squeeze and it was nice and firm to the touch. I rinsed it with cool water and brushed as much of the cure particles off as I could. I put 2 teaspoons of fresh black pepper evenly across the meat side. It took three tries but I finally got it rolled up tightly with no gaps. I trussed it up and put it in to join the guanciale for a nice rest.

G and P 2

The Pancetta may take as long at 4 weeks to finish so I am going to be patient and let it happen. There is a very bacon-y, meat-y aroma in my wine cellar but it's fading a little every day.

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